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Widget Wedgy Reproduction Plans

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A simple platform to elevate a phone, tablet, multimeter, and similar equipment at a nice viewing angle, allow for freedom of movement, with the ability to lock it down if needed. 

The Widget Wedgy is an accessory initially intended for the large mobile device market. Unlike other device mounts, clips, and holders it has an open pedestal design making it more universal and versatile to expand into other markets. It is designed to be easy to 3D print and (with slight modification) mold injected for mass production. (See notes in PDF). The prototype is designed to fit most phones and smaller tablets. You can easily modify the design file to fit larger devices and adapt it for other uses like pedestals for books, laptops, etc.

Download contains STL files for the prototype we built in the lab, the parametric OpenSCAD file so you can modify the design, and build instructions that includes references to parts needed.  Want a copy of a Widget Wedgy for reference? There may be some Widget Wedgy Prototypes left.

Download ( Includes :

  • wwgyP1-base.stl (3D print ready base of Prototype V1.)
  • wwgyP1-wedge.stl ( 3D print ready wedge of Prototype V1.)
  • wwgyV2a.scad (OpenScad Parametric design file.)
  • WidgetWedgyV2a.pdf (Design & manufacturing notes, source links, BOM, and original invention notebook scan with commentary.)
  • License.txt (CC BY-SA license associated with this design.)

After purchase, you will be sent an email with a link to download the file.

License - CC BY-SA 4.0

These reproduction plans fall under a Creative Commons ShareAlike License (CC BY-SA 4.0) providing you complete freedom to share, modify, and sell the plans provided you give Laboratory 424 appropriate attribution, and share any modifications under the same license. Learn More.

Free Download Offered

Payment for these plans is optional and considered a “tip” (Thank you for your support).

Steps to get a free download code:

1. Signup for a Twitch account. (Free)

2. Follow the Laboratory 424 Channel. (Free)

3. Go to my Stream Store and login with your Twitch account.

4. Choose “Access-Codes” from the drop-down list, click “Redeem item” on the “Repro Plans Code” item, and purchase with the channel points I gave you for following.

You may reuse your code and it may expire without warning requiring fetching another code.