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Not My Fault (East) Sticker sheet

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In late 2021 while reflecting on the current and growing “dumpster fires” in the world, this concept popped into my head. On the surface, it states a clear message I think most all of us can relate to. On a deeper level, I intended it to be about acknowledging there are serious problems, these problems are caused by others (they always are, unless they aren’t), and I’m going to calmly carry on focusing on the things I can directly affect.

I made an alternate versions for kids, and because the world is round (sorry Flat-Earthers) Eastern and Western hemispheres.

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These glossy stickers are designed just for you. Give your favorite items, like a notepad, laptop, or phone case an extra glow and personal touch.

  • Film type: MPI 3000 Gloss HOP (EU), Promotional Monomeric PVC (US)
  • 0.12″ (0.3 cm) white sticker border
  • Glossy finish
  • Fast and easy application
  • 2–3 year durability
  • Indoor use (EU)
  • Indoor and outdoor use (US)

Don't forget to clean the surface before applying the stickers.

Size guide

5.83″×8.27″ (inches) 8 ¼ 5 ⅞
5.83″×8.27″ (cm) 21 14.8